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Maximizing shared parenting time in Clearwater and Pinellas County

Divorce should not affect your children’s sense of stability, security and confidence. Encouraging the well-being of your children during the upheaval of divorce is a primary focus of St. Petersburg family law firm William B. Bennett P.A. During our more than 25 years of experience, our lawyers have refined our methods for maximizing your shared parenting time and promoting the most beneficial arrangements for your children.

William Bennett Law Shared Parenting
Negotiating a mutually beneficial custody arrangement for the parents and the children is our specialty. Call the child custody attorney team at William B. Bennett, P.A. today.

Focusing on children in divorce

Every family is different and so are your needs, objectives and options. Our client-centered approach gives us the flexibility and creativity to formulate the best solutions for your family. Issues we discuss with you include the long-term consequences of shared custody plans on your children’s:

  • Education
  • Sports participation
  • Involvement with siblings and extended family
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Spiritual and moral upbringing
  • Vacations and travel opportunities
  • Access to friends
  • Medical needs
  • Employment and volunteer opportunities

Drafting a successful shared parenting plan

Mediation often offers an effective tool for parents to agree on a parenting plan. Parents structure the most sensible schedules and may develop a sense of cooperation that benefits their children after divorce. We draft a parenting plan that describes your arrangement, including:

  • How you plan to share daily childrearing tasks
  • A time-sharing schedule that specifies each parent’s time with the children
  • Allocation of responsibilities for healthcare, education, extracurricular and other activities
  • Methods of communication between parents and children

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When the other parent refuses to participate, we aggressively argue at trial for your right to raise your children. Our St. Petersburg child support lawyers also hold your spouse accountable for the financial obligations of raising your children.

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