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A person accused of a sex crime may carry the burden of that accusation for the rest of their lives even if that person is falsely accused in the case. The punishments are severe and an experienced criminal sex crimes lawyer will be required to fight the case.

If you are found guilty of a sex crime, you could be ordered to register on the national sex offender registry for the rest of your life.

A sex crime could be considered as a sex act that is deviant in nature, a forced sex act or engaging in sexual activity for money. The following may be considered sex crime offenses:

Sex Crimes Lawyer
When facing a serious sex crime, you need serious legal help.

Fighting Sex Crime Charges

No matter what crime a person has been accused of, that person has a right to an attorney. Considering the severity of a Florida sex crime conviction, it is absolutely imperative for the defendant to obtain legal counsel as soon as possible. Even if a person is falsely accused, experienced criminal legal counsel is required to avoid a wrongful conviction.

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Florida’s Child Pornography Laws and Penalties

Florida’s criminal laws come with extremely severe consequences for sex crimes. The Cyber Crimes Against Children Act puts more at stake on the alleged perpetrator if they are charged with possession of child pornography or solicitation of children on the internet.

For possession of child pornography, the maximum sentence is a second degree felony and 15 years in prison. If a person is found guilty of distribution of child pornography, the sentence is a first degree felony and 30 years in prison.

This is why it is so critical to obtain an aggressive and experienced criminal sex crimes lawyer such as William B.Bennett P.A. as soon as you learn you are under investigation for a sex crime of any sort. Contact us today for a free consultation.