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With school shooting and other forms of mass violence occurring more frequently across the country, Florida is strengthening its laws to impose severe penalties for those involved with an unlawful use of a firearm. If you have been convicted of a gun crime, do not second guess the charges against you. Without the help of an experienced St Petersburg Gun Crimes Lawyer, you could face serious prison time along with heavy fines.

The law offices of William B. Bennett, P.A. has helped hundreds of clients defend against criminal cases, many involving the use of a firearm. Each of our client cases are different, but we always give each one the same high level of respect it deserves.

Different Types of Gun Crimes

Due to the recent news of mass shootings across the country, Florida has increased the strength of its laws against those who unlawfully possess a firearm. We have over 20 years of experience defending clients against criminal cases that may involve the use of a firearm such as homicide, assault or robbery. In addition, we can help you navigate gun crimes cases including:

  • Criminal purchase or disposal of a firearm
  • Criminal possession of a firearm
  • Criminal possession of a gun on school grounds
  • Possession of a firearm by underage persons
  • Possession of a deadly weapon
  • Possession of a deadly weapon on public services property such as a hospital or government building
  • Criminal sale of a firearm
  • Sale of a gun to underage persons
St. Petersburg Gun Crimes Lawyer
The law offices of William B. Bennett can help protect your rights as your St. Petersburg Gun Crimes Lawyer

What are the Florida Gun Laws?

Florida’s gun laws tend to match that of the federal government. In addition, to illegal possession or sale of a firearm, you could be charged with the illegal discharge of a weapon in the State of Florida. The laws and corresponding cases differ greatly, though.

If you discharge a weapon in a public place, for example, even accidentally, and you have no criminal background, you may be facing a misdemeanor. However, if you discharge a weapon from a vehicle 1,000 feet away from a person, the possible sentence may be a second degree felony.

In the state of Florida, it is legal to carry a concealed weapon on your person or in your car, as long as it is kept in a secure case and not easily accessible to passengers. Florida concealed carry laws require a license to do so.

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