Did you know the government can take your property even if you haven’t been convicted of a crime? Our asset forfeiture attorney can help you get it back.

What Is Asset Forfeiture?

If you have been charged with a crime, the impact of your charges can go way beyond heavy fines, jail time or probation. In some cases, authorities will confiscate your property as a part of a civil forfeiture proceeding. There’s no limit to what they can take either. Asset forfeiture can include your home, your bank account balance, vehicles and computers if the authorities can show that these items were obtained or used unlawfully. The government often seizes property in connection to white collar crimes or drug crimes.

If your property has been taken as the result of a criminal case, it is critical to have an aggressive criminal defense team on your side who will not only fight the criminal charges against you, but also challenge the validity of the asset forfeiture.

The Law Office of William B. Bennett, P.A. Asset Forfeiture Attorney

How Can We Help With Asset Forfeiture?

In an asset forfeiture situation, the government does not have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that your property was used in conjunction with a crime. In the State of Florida, authorities may use the Florida Contraband Forfeiture Act to seize your property. Once your property is taken, you have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the property was not used in connection to a crime.

At the Law Office of William B. Bennett, P.A. we will work with all of the facts in the case and attempt to prove that seized property was not taken by legitimate means or used in connection to any criminal charges. We may do this by attempting to separate the issue of confiscation of property from the criminal charges. All the while our criminal defense team will be working to build a defense strategy against the charges against you.

Protecting Your Personal Property Rights Against Government Confiscation

The Law Office of William B. Bennett, P.A. stands with each of our clients and helps you fight asset forfeiture and the criminal charges that go along with it. Losing your property without any kind of compensation can be confusing and intimidating for those not familiar with the power given to law enforcement organizations.

Many property owners believe they can talk their way out of asset forfeiture and end up sacrificing their property completely in exchange for the need to seek legal representation in the matter.

Our legal team has experience representing criminal defense against charges and asset forfeiture in cases where property was taken including:

  • Cash, bank accounts and investment accounts
  • Commercial and residential real estate
  • Motor vehicles
  • Boats
  • Jewelry
  • Professional licenses
  • Computer systems

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William B. Bennett and his team is focused on protecting your property while fighting the criminal charges against you. Depending on the case, some or all of your property can be confiscated with or without a warrant.

Our aggressive legal team will fight to ensure protection of your personal property, protection of your legal rights and against harassment by any law enforcement agencies.

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