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We All Know Divorce Is Expensive. Can We Do Anything About It?

We know it as a universal fact: Divorce is Expensive. How do we know this? You see it depicted in TV shows and movies, read about it in books, or even just speak with someone who has been through it, and you will most likely hear this same refrain. But how expensive is it and why?

In the case where two people have (mostly) amicably decided to go their separate ways, divorce can actually be a mature decision handled with minimal challenges. These kinds of divorces do not make good fodder for fictionalization or spirited conversation, so we do not hear of them as much. These divorces are also not typically expensive.  

What Are The Reasons For An Expensive Divorce?

More commonly, there is a reason behind the decision to untie the knot. The reasons are varied, but whatever that reason is, it can cause major conflict between the two involved parties. This conflict is the fuel that feeds the emotional fire of an expensive divorce. Divorce under these circumstances can cause anger and unreasonableness, resulting in costs to our time, our emotions and of course our bank account.

The main driver increasing the monetary cost of a divorce boils down to one thing: fighting. Fighting results in both parties feeling less than reasonable and engages them both in fighting just for argument’s sake.

Fighting Between Couples Can Increase The Costs In Multiple Ways:  

  1. It draws out the length of time the divorce takes. This can cause higher attorney costs and court fees.
  2. It can cause financial games between divorcing partners, oftentimes resulting in higher taxes, penalties, accounting fees and lost financial opportunities.
  3. A fighting spouse is more likely to need to speak with a professional therapist to handle the pressures involved in an anger-fueled parting of the ways.
  4. The more you fight with your soon-to-be ex, the more likely mediation will break down and you will have to go to court, which is the most expensive way to resolve a divorce and likely winds up with unhappy results on both sides.

Sounds awful, doesn’t it?  There are ways to help come to a resolution in a more cost-effective and less emotionally draining way.  

Divorce Mediation Helps Reduce Costs

In many cases, employing a divorce mediator can help reduce the cost of a divorce.  Florida courts typically require couples requesting divorce to attend mediation before trial. Because mediation is usually effective, the process negates the need for further litigation and often lowers costs, speeds the process and diminishes stress associated with divorce. St. Petersburg divorce attorney William B. Bennett, PA facilitates mediation between couples or can represent one party during negotiations.

Mediators can be court-appointed or obtained privately, and they serve as a neutral third party with special training to assist couples with divorce proceedings.  With couples who are willing to work together to come to an agreement, the mediator can help resolve issues surrounding the divorce with either no or minimal assistance from attorneys resulting in much less expensive divorces.

Find Ways To Manage Your Anger

“You cannot control someone else’s actions; you can only control your own reaction.” A common therapist insight, it is common in its truth.  As a participant in divorce proceedings, you can diffuse a situation by maintaining your cool in the face of chaos. An angry spouse can still drive up the length of time and cost of a divorce. However, the more you can manage your reactions to chaos, the more you can help manage the cost of your divorce, emotionally and financially.

Set Your Differences Aside And Collaborate

Some couples opt for the collaborative practice approach to divorce in order to minimize costs. Collaborative law refers to the process of removing divorce proceedings from the litigation “winner and loser” setting of a courtroom into a collaborative, problem-solving setting of negotiations.  Especially when shared custody of children is going to be involved, this is really the best approach if both parties are open to cooperation and collaboration on a positive result.

Because Divorce Is Expensive, We Can Help Provide Cost Effective Solutions

Regardless of any options you are pursing to come to a divorce agreement, you should speak with a party who is unbiased and on your side. At The Law Office of William B. Bennett, P.A., we can help answer all of your questions and explain what costs you might incur and how to keep them low. Our goal is to help you obtain a fair resolution to your divorce without breaking the bank. Call us at (727) 821-8000 or contact us on our website here. We can give you a free consultation on your family law situation and help you navigate the next steps.

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