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In The State Of Florida There Are Three Different Methods For Filing For Divorce

Here in Tampa Bay, there are three types of divorce couples can file for. This doesn’t have anything to do with “cheating” or “we’re not in love anymore”. We’re actually talking about the different ways you can file for a divorce in the courts. Each method requires a unique set of documentation in order to move the process forward. That being said, when you determine which method is right for you depends on your life circumstance as well as how well you and your spouse agree on what life looks like after the divorce is complete.

Here Are The Primary Three Types Of Divorce Available

Simplified Divorce

A petition for a simplified divorce allows couples to file for divorce quickly and efficiently. In order for this method to work, the couple needs to be in complete agreement on their own with all the criteria needed to finalize the divorce proceeding. In order to qualify for a Simplified Divorce, couples must meet the following criteria:

  • Agreement on how money is to be divided
  • Agreement on how debt is to be divided
  • Agreement on how property is to be divided
  • Must not be pregnant
  • Must not have any children under 18 years old

Provided that a couple can come to an agreement on all these points and meets all the criteria, then they can qualify for a simplified divorce.

A Regulated Uncontested Divorce

This is one of those types of divorce that is mainly resolved outside the courtroom. All married couples can qualify for it. However, they will have had to have resolved all their major issues prior to going in front of a judge. The couple may have done this on their own using a qualified divorce lawyer or during mediation. A certified mediator is a third party individual that is brought in to resolve disputes between two people.

In an uncontested divorce, attorneys draw up written agreements for the couple, which are agreed to and signed to present to the judge. Next, the agreements are presented to the court and are then signed into law. As a result, this type of divorce is often a quicker process than a Regular Contested Divorce.

Regular Contested Divorce

A contested divorce is a standard divorce proceeding that is resolved in the courtroom. Couples that are unable to come to an agreement on aspects of their divorce after mediation will fall into this category of divorce litigation.

During these types of divorce, separating individuals appear in a courtroom with their divorce lawyers. They then each present their side of the issues at hand. The final decision will be made by the judge who will sign it into law. Unlike uncontested divorce and a simplified divorce, the outcome of a divorce lies exclusively with the judge.

If You Are Considering A Divorce, Get The Legal Help You Need

No matter what kind of category of divorce you fall into, contact the Law Office of William B. Bennett for help. We have over 30 years experience and can help you navigate the divorce process. For a free consultation on your case, call us at (727) 821-8000 today or contact us on our website here. We can help provide peace of mind during the difficult process of divorce.

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