Law Office of William B Bennett, St. Petersburg, FL, Parenting Plan While Pregnant

Yes, it is possible to create a parenting plan while pregnant and arrange it legally through the court. If you or your spouse are pregnant and starting the divorce process, this is an excellent way to arrange a productive shared parenting arrangement. That being said, creating a shared parenting plan for a fetus can be more complicated than that for a current child. Unfortunately, the State of Florida currently does not recognize a fetus as a child. Once the baby is born, all the child support orders and child’s rights will go into affect.

If you or your spouse are pregnant when beginning the steps towards divorce, be sure to mention it in your paperwork. This is information you should never hide. It will only make the divorce messy and complicated during the remainder of the pregnancy and, especially, after the child’s birth.

Establishing Paternity

In the State of Florida, if a child is born to a married mother, that mother’s husband is designated as the child’s legal father. This is the case regardless of whether he is biologically related to the child or not.

If the child is not biologically related to the husband and the husband does not wish to be the child’s legal father, the mother or the biological father can take steps to establish the child’s paternity. The easiest way to do this will be for the husband to sign an Acknowledgement Of Paternity. Once signed, the husband will disestablish his paternity for the unborn child. This eliminates all of his parental rights for the child.

Law Office of William B Bennett, Parenting Plan While Pregnant

How To Create A Parenting Plan While Pregnant

When there’s no disagreement around paternity, the couple can work out a shared parenting plan before the child is born. Likewise, they may also choose to wait til after the birth to work out the details of a plan as part of the divorce settlement. The courts will always prioritize the interests of the child. When the child is a newborn, there are some issues that can arise when a divorce is proceeding.

  • If the mother chooses to breast feed, a shared parenting plan may have to be adjusted to allow the child to stay primarily with the mother during this time.
  • Once the child is weaned off a bottle, determining if the child go for overnight visits to the father.
  • Scheduling childcare
  • Scheduling doctor’s appointments
  • Daily communication between parents in regards to feeding and sleeping schedules

Babies are unable to form memories. However, they can be affected by conflict. Any divorced parents of a newborn will need to communicate effectively, as well as provide consistency for the child.

The Law Office Of William B. Bennett Can Help Create A Shared Parenting Plan While Pregnant

It isn’t easy, but you can get a divorce while pregnant. However, for some couples, it may be easiest to wait until the baby is born. If you are pregnant and facing divorce, call the divorce experts at The Law Office of William B. Bennett to discuss your case. Our team can help you navigate the options that are best for you and your baby. Call today at (727) 821-8000 or contact us on our website here.

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