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Florida’s Sex Crimes Laws

A sex crime is an offense that generally occurs when there is violence during a sexual act, a forced sexual act, or when someone engages in sex with a minor. Florida has some of the harshest sex offender laws in the country. It allows all convicted sex offender records to be public, regardless of the severity of the crime. Charges for sex crimes often come with general disdain and a misperception that the accused is a pervert or a predator. This kind of public opinion is often hard to overcome. Awareness of the laws may prevent a sex violation; however, an accused sex offender still has the right to a sex crime attorney, primarily if falsely blamed.

Types of Sex Crimes and Penalties

The typical sex crimes and the laws are often the same throughout most states. The crimes are punishable according to the level of severity as well as repeat offenders. Florida has numerous statutes in place regarding sexual criminal activity. However, a broad description may be as follows:

  • Prostitution – Florida law criminalizes and prohibits prostitution and the solicitation thereof.  
  • Sexual Battery – Includes sexual assault and all levels of rape. Florida law is detailed to include all possible facts of an incident.
  • Lewdness and Indecent Exposure – Florida law relates to sexual battery. It criminalizes sexual activity with a person who has reached the age of 12 but is younger than 16.  

Other sex crimes considered an offense may include Incest, Sex Trafficking, Pornography, Pandering, Voyeurism, Sexting, Stalking, and Internet Sex Crimes. Penalties for sex crimes can range from a less severe first or second-degree misdemeanor, imprisonment up to 60 days, and fines of $1000 to life in prison and $10,000 in fines. Sex crime allegations can be life-shattering, and hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney is critical to building your defense and protecting your future.

Sex Offender Registration

Florida has some of the most strict sex offender registration laws in the nation. All convicted sex crimes lead to a life-long sex offender registry. Florida breaks the registry into a sexual predator status, the most dangerous, and those registered as a lifelong sex offenders. Once a person is on the sexual offender registry, they rarely get off. Personal lifestyle is restrictive and heavily monitored.

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